Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Visit from Bee Bee

Supper Hero Ike Man!
Bee-Bee and D-Momma holding Zeke
Bee-Bee and her boys

Brian's Mom came from N.C. to visit for Zeke's birthday. She was so sweet with the boys and soak up every moment she could with them. I know that it was extremely different for her to hear a little one want to get out of his crib at 6:00am each morning. She was so sweet to help us out in so many ways. She made it fun for the kids to wait for dinner while I was cooking. She played with the boys each day until it was time for nap or bedtime. It was really neat to see her face when Ike had to have his Batman cape on each day. The same cape she made for Brian when he was Ike's age. I can not believe it has held up over all these years. She was looking at the cape to make sure she could make one for Zeke. We truly enjoyed having Bee Bee with us and are so grateful for such a sweet treasure.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Zeke

Zeke 1 year ago

Zeke's Frog Cake

Ike Helping Zeke blow out the candle

Zeke had to dip his cookie in the cake!

What a sweet face!

I can not believe our little guy turned one this past week. We had so much fun during his party. Because he crawls / hops like a frog --- We decided to make a frog birthday cake. We had his party at my sister's gym (NXS Tumbling) and invited all of his little friends. Ike was an amazing big brother and even blew out Zeke's candle for him. It is really neat to see how much a little fella can grow in one year. We love our Zeke and are so grateful for him. We can not wait to see how God is going to use him.

Also, I posted new pictures of the birthday party on my Picasa web site. Take a look, I hope you enjoy the pictures from the party.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


There is so much that I wanted to say about Zeke's baptism. I wanted to be this great Mom and have such poetic words to say about such an amazing time in my son's life. I can only just ramble at this point. Right now Zeke you are pulling books out of the book case. Your brother is watching a little T.V. This gives me a few minutes to write about an amazing experience.

I watched as you and Baby Noah -- who is a great friend of yours--- being baptized. I was listening as Bob said " Come here Zeke" and just talked with you. He said your name "Ezekiel -- he was a wonderful prophet -- who knows Zeke one day you might be a mighty prophet."I watched as the water went over your head and realized the symbol that you are a covenant child. The true meaning of a Coventant Child. Wow! God help my unbelief when day to day mundane things go on that I am not sharing the gospel with my kids. I just pray that He will give Brian and I times daily to live and breath the gospel. That we will be transparent before you --- that you will taste God's amazing grace. We pray sweet Zeke and Ike that you will not remember a time that you did not love our Savior.
Ok, now the moment is over. Need to run pick up the books and turn the T.V. off.
Here are some pictures of Zeke getting baptised. Also, Zeke was baptized with some of our great friends the Solomon's. They are in our LIFE group and have become some of our sweetest friends. Their son Bennett and Ike are very good friends too. They were amazing big brothers watching their younger brothers getting baptized.
It was just a very sweet day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Southern Cousins

The reason for the Title of this Blog is to post some sweet pictures of my baby cousin Charlie. Angie and I grew up together --well I am a bit older (wink,wink) but, we have such a neat friendship. It is one of those kinds that we can just pick up where we left off. She is the very creative one in our family -- we all know that she got it from our Grandaddy. She is the one that has encouraged me to start a blog for my boys. During this time I uploaded all my pictures (finally) from my camera and I came across some pictures of all 3 of the Great Grandbabies. I just had to put them on the blog. Angie and Bryan just moved to New York --- I know my southern cousin is in the Big City! I just pray that our boys will have the sweet friendship that we have with one another.

Sweet Friends

Here are some fun pictures of our sweet friends. Ya -Ya (Sydney Kate) and Ike have a true brother and sister relationship. Ike started calling Sydney Kate Ya-Ya when he was about a year old. We have no idea why he calls her that. Now Sydney Kate calls Ike Ya-Ya. Sometimes Ike corrects her, others he just goes along with it. We love how Ike can play with girls or boys. He just loves being with other kids.

As many of you know we moved to Chelsea on our 6 year anniversary -- May 31st. We love our neighborhood -- mainly due to our sweet friends the Hunt's. Cademan and Ike play almost everyday together. They are only 2 months apart and love playing super hero's in the front yard. Rachael has become one of the sweetest friends that knows the true meaning of the "bewitching" hour (which is from 4pm until daddy get's home from work). It has been wonderful to have her come by just to check on me and to let the boys play. Also, it is great that we all go to the same church. The boys truly love playing together which gives me time to get some things done around the house.

We are truly grateful for such dear friends. It makes raising boys a little sweeter.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A new adventure

I have sat down at the computer several times trying to start a family blog. My sweet cousin Angie has been very patient with me. I told her ummmm about 6 months ago to hold me accountable with starting a family blog. I love how she has a record of each month of her little Charlie. Well, to say the least I am a bit behind. My sweet Zeke is about to turn one and I do not even have a baby book for him. How sad is that!!! So, this blog is a tempt to keep family and friends updated (as much as possible) of what is going on in the Witt home -- hence the name "Witt's Inn".