Thursday, July 17, 2008


There is so much that I wanted to say about Zeke's baptism. I wanted to be this great Mom and have such poetic words to say about such an amazing time in my son's life. I can only just ramble at this point. Right now Zeke you are pulling books out of the book case. Your brother is watching a little T.V. This gives me a few minutes to write about an amazing experience.

I watched as you and Baby Noah -- who is a great friend of yours--- being baptized. I was listening as Bob said " Come here Zeke" and just talked with you. He said your name "Ezekiel -- he was a wonderful prophet -- who knows Zeke one day you might be a mighty prophet."I watched as the water went over your head and realized the symbol that you are a covenant child. The true meaning of a Coventant Child. Wow! God help my unbelief when day to day mundane things go on that I am not sharing the gospel with my kids. I just pray that He will give Brian and I times daily to live and breath the gospel. That we will be transparent before you --- that you will taste God's amazing grace. We pray sweet Zeke and Ike that you will not remember a time that you did not love our Savior.
Ok, now the moment is over. Need to run pick up the books and turn the T.V. off.
Here are some pictures of Zeke getting baptised. Also, Zeke was baptized with some of our great friends the Solomon's. They are in our LIFE group and have become some of our sweetest friends. Their son Bennett and Ike are very good friends too. They were amazing big brothers watching their younger brothers getting baptized.
It was just a very sweet day.