Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Friends

Here are some fun pictures of our sweet friends. Ya -Ya (Sydney Kate) and Ike have a true brother and sister relationship. Ike started calling Sydney Kate Ya-Ya when he was about a year old. We have no idea why he calls her that. Now Sydney Kate calls Ike Ya-Ya. Sometimes Ike corrects her, others he just goes along with it. We love how Ike can play with girls or boys. He just loves being with other kids.

As many of you know we moved to Chelsea on our 6 year anniversary -- May 31st. We love our neighborhood -- mainly due to our sweet friends the Hunt's. Cademan and Ike play almost everyday together. They are only 2 months apart and love playing super hero's in the front yard. Rachael has become one of the sweetest friends that knows the true meaning of the "bewitching" hour (which is from 4pm until daddy get's home from work). It has been wonderful to have her come by just to check on me and to let the boys play. Also, it is great that we all go to the same church. The boys truly love playing together which gives me time to get some things done around the house.

We are truly grateful for such dear friends. It makes raising boys a little sweeter.