Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Visit from Bee Bee

Supper Hero Ike Man!
Bee-Bee and D-Momma holding Zeke
Bee-Bee and her boys

Brian's Mom came from N.C. to visit for Zeke's birthday. She was so sweet with the boys and soak up every moment she could with them. I know that it was extremely different for her to hear a little one want to get out of his crib at 6:00am each morning. She was so sweet to help us out in so many ways. She made it fun for the kids to wait for dinner while I was cooking. She played with the boys each day until it was time for nap or bedtime. It was really neat to see her face when Ike had to have his Batman cape on each day. The same cape she made for Brian when he was Ike's age. I can not believe it has held up over all these years. She was looking at the cape to make sure she could make one for Zeke. We truly enjoyed having Bee Bee with us and are so grateful for such a sweet treasure.