Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Need I Say More -- My Sweet Adverturesome Boy!

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Light Up Shoes and Spider Man Skates

I know that I need to keep the blog update however, the boys have been very busy lately. Right now my kitchen is still a mess from dinner but, Brian is working on replacing his break pads and Ike is "helping" him. Zeke went down early so I took the moment to show you what has been going on in the Witt home. Ike has been wanting a bubble blower for some time now. He has asked and asked for one. I told him that he would have to earn money for the bubble blower (thanks to Dave Ramsey). So, we made a chart and he had to do chores around the house. He had to earn 20 stickers -- which he work for 2 weeks. Now the chores were washing the glass doors (which I had to go back and wipe down --only so much a little guy can do) and picking up toys, and anything else I could think of to keep him busy. He did a great job and then the glorious day came! We went to Wal-mart to get the bubble shooter (Ike corrected me and told me it was a shooter not a blower --MOM!) When we were at Wal-mart I knew that Ike needed some new tennis shoes. Well, I found some on sale that were his size and thought they were cute. I did not realize that they were light up shoes until he tried them on. He was so excited he started doing a little jig to watch them light up. He said "Mom these are so cool these are what big kids wear!" Well, let's just say he wore them all through the store still attached together with the streatch string. He would stop people and ask them to watch his shoes light up. I have never seen a little boy more excited!

When we got home the bubble shooter was not working correctly so we got to play with it for only a few minutes. However, the next day when we took it back. Ike picked out some Spider Man Skates! Whew, what a day for a 3 year old little guy! Light up shoes and spider man skates!

Zeke Crawling / Being a Frog


Zeke has never crawled. He scoots/hops like a frog. We just had to video this for our keepsake. It is really funny how my boys never "crawled" like other babies. Ike did the army man crawl and Zeke well just watch and see. It is a little dark but I think you can still see how he goes about his day.

Oh, by the way I did not realize that in the video it had Zeke and Ike going after some money. It looks like I was bribing Zeke to crawl! How funny is that! No, just about to make a Wal-mart run for Milk. We go through a gallon in 2 days!


As I am typing this little note out, I so wanted to post some fun pictures and write a sweet blog. However, my boys right now are in the bathroom banging on the toilet like it is a drum. YUCK! So, off to take care of them. I will post some fun pictures of why I have not been able to blog lately. Going to take care of the drummer boys!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh, What a 3 year old will say!

Yesterday, Brian and Ike were getting out of the shower. While drying off Ike noticed something red on Brian's chin. He look so inquisitively at his daddy and asked "Daddy, is that a nipple?" Brian just smiled and said "No, son it is a pimple." Oh, the joy of what a 3 year old will say. Just wanted to put a smile on our friends and family faces as you read this post. Oh, and I spared everyone of taking a picture of Brian's Pimple!