Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Slide Show for Aunt Jo Jo and Uncle Brent's Wedding

There were so many pictures that we wanted to share that I just had to use a slide show. If you are not familiar on how to see the pictures in a "still shot" -- just click on the picture and it will take you to another screen. Click on each picture below to see it in full view.

We had so much fun the weekend of the wedding. It was a wonderful reminder of how much our Heavenly Father truly loves us. We are so excited to have another uncle! Brent is such an amazing man and we are truly blessed to have such sweet brothers. My Mom always wanted a boy now she has 4 amazing men and two sweet grandsons! My dad at first always wanted a boy, well God gave him 4 girls and he will tell you he would have it no other way. Now God has given him 4 men to watch football with and 2 grandsons to teach how to play ball. God is Good!

Aunt (Ashley) Jo Jo's and Uncle Brent's Wedding

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spider Man Ike and Rocket Man Zeke

There goes Rocket Man Zeke!

The other day I found Ike in his room playing. When I asked him what are you pretending to be he just sprayed with his "spider web"! I love raising boys!

If for some reason you can not tell. That is his underwear on his head! Oh the imagination of a 3 1/2 year old boy!

Our sweet friends let us borrow their little red rocket. Zeke will not get off of it! We have been using it since August and the boy loves this little red rocket! The only problem is if you get in his way --- Watch out!! He will run over your toes!

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Costume #2 and Fireman Ike

So, as you could tell we need another costume for trick or treating since Zeke already out grew his Cowboy outfit. My creative hubby come up with this idea! As you can see our Zeke was Charlie Brown! It was a very easy costume to make! Brian wanted to use marker on his sweet little head ---- I decided to use eye liner pencil. All we did was let him wear Ike's yellow shirt and colored in masking tape with a black sharpie. Put the outfit together with a pair of dark pants ---and as you can see we have Charlie Brown.

Ok, camera was doing something funny while Zeke was laughing at me.

The boys before our Halloween party.

Just a couple of cute boys. I thought afterwards --- (don't we all) -- that I could have made him a very simple Dalmatian puppy outfit. Oh, well if Ike wants to be a Fireman again (since this is his 2nd time in a row) then maybe the Dalmatian outfit will appear next year.

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Halloween at Mother's Day Out

Zeke's Teacher Ms. Puri

Here is a picture of what he was suppose to be for Halloween. As you can see between his legs, his pants are splitting. I love having big boys!

Zeke loves his teacher Ms. Puri. She told me the other day that she loves "her Zeke". She told me that he "of course" is her favorite little boy!

Ike picking out a pumpkin with his class. He has such a sweet class. He loves his teachers Ms. Becky and Ms. Elsy.

Ike and Cademan. They love saying "Best Buddies" while their picture is being taken.

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