Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Christmas in a Nutshell

We had a wonderful Christmas again this year. I can not believe that Ike is 4 and Zeke is 17 months. God really blessed us again this year with a wonderful amount of fellowship with friends and family. It all started when we were at my parents house when my cousin Jamie gave Ike his first Nerf Gun! Let's just say that started many upon many nights of me being a target.
On Christmas Eve we went back to my parents for a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party. I hope this started a new tradition at my parents. My sisters, (new brothers), and parents gave Ike and Zeke an amazing Christmas. From a Cap Gun, to remote control 4 wheelers, to Ike getting his very on Digital Camera. One of my favorite gifts was when my parents surprised Ike and Zeke with my Kitchen Set that my Granddaddy and Dad made for me when I was his age. Dad repainted it black and Mom even kept some of my old dishes -- I am going to have to trade the Holly Hobby dishes out for some more "manly" looking dishware. Also, my parents painted one of our old school desk Crimson and White. It was completed with an UA on the top of the desk. So grateful for these treasures! On Christmas Day we had a wonderful time at my parents. I even talked my mom into letting me make the turkey. A little nervous since it was the only meat being served. I think it turned out well -- thanks to Semi Homemade by Sandra Lee! I will post the recipe very soon.
The next day we went to NC for 4 days. There Brian's mom (Bee Bee) surprised Ike with a Astronaut Suite and a Rocket Backpack which she designed herself. Love, Love that my boys have such creative grandparents. We also got to travel to VA to visit Brian's grandmother (MeeMaw) and family. It was wonderful visiting with our Aunt Glenna, Uncle Jigs, Tammy, Caroline, and Steve. We wish we could see them more often. Before we left we visited with some sweet friends of ours the Grimslands, and the Dills. We had so much fun visiting with these two familys. We also got to visit Brian's Dad. It was very kind of him to meet us in Charlotte for a nice visit. The boys love getting their "big boy" Lego set from him.
Ike asked me yesterday if everyday could be Christmas. I thought to myself --- Wow! That would be wonderful to have this much time with family and friends everyday. What a blessing that our FATHER has given us such a wonderful heritage that is being passed on to our boys!