Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anderton Crew

What do you get with 4 adults, 1 six year old, 1 five year old, 2 four year old, and 2 one year old? A HUGE amount of FUN!!! Becky and I were former roommates when we both graduated from college. We both started our "careers" together when we were single -- Becky a RN and Myself as a teacher. We lived together with another friend named Kristi and we had so much fun living together in our little Wood Gardens Apartment. Little did we know that 10 years later we would both have a husband named Brian and a little boy named Isaac.

Becky and her Brian (she calls him B.A. when we are together) came for a visit this past weekend. They came into town to for Becky's grandmother's 96 year old surprise birthday party.

We took all the kids to the McWayne center. Let's just say it was a blast! Here are some sweet picture of the kids having a great time.
Thank you Anderton Crew for making this past weekend so much fun!