Monday, March 9, 2009

Potatoe Soup, Potatoe Salad, Baked Potatoe...... 40,000lbs of Potatoes

Snack Time
Kissing baby potatoes
Ike found a BIG potatoe for our bag

Ginny,Graham,Ford, Ike, Me

We had the opportunity to visit with my best friend Ginny and her sweet boys this past weekend. Brian was in NC due to his mom's surgery and Rob was on call at the hospital. Ginny has 3 boys (Ford 4, Graham 3, and Whit 1). Ginny and I have been the closest of friends for 22 years. We first met in high school when we were in the same youth group. Maybe I can find some pictures to post of us later ---- naaaaaa, our big hair would not even fit on the pages of this blog -- you have to love the 80's.
Ginny told me a couple of weeks ago that her son's school was going to sponsor a community service to teach the kids about serving others through community outreach. They had 40,000lbs. of potatoes delivered to a park that was next to the Boys and Girls club. Our task would be to go through the potatoes get as many of the "good" potatoes out and make 10lb bags which we also included a Gospel Track. The boys hung in there for about an hour. We played find the largest potato, find the smallest, et.. It was really neat lesson for Ike and I to be out of our comfort zone and to serve. Ike stared getting hungry and I pulled him aside and explained why were were here and how we were putting the bags of potatoes together for people that were hungry. I think at that point a little light bulb went on in sweet Ike's little mind and heart

The "Big Boys" getting ready for the community outreach
Ike and Ford finally fell asleep!
This is how we found the two buddies
Zeke and Whit