Friday, April 17, 2009

Gymnastics and Brown Baby

As many of you know my sisters own NXS Tumbling in Alabaster. It is a wonderful program where they teach the fundamentals of gymnastics. Every Tuesday Ya Ya and Ike are attempting new skills. Here are just two pictures of them playing before class starts. Ya Ya was very excited to show me how she can Hula Hoop!

The Story of Brown Baby:
Sydney Kate (Ya Ya) is one of the most giving little girls I have EVER met!!! She LOVES, and I truly mean the word LOVES to give little treasures to her friends. If she is not gathering little treasures to give away she is bringing something to share. Here is her "Brown Baby" that Zeke has fell in love with. He loves this baby doll which is hilarious. He carries the baby all over the gym, park, and at Ya Ya's house. Now here is the really sweet story that Jen (Ya Ya's mom told me). Ya Ya and her Nana were at PBK where she saw this little brown baby. Ya Ya was playing with it in the store and wanted to take it home. Of course just like any Nanna she bought the baby for Ya Ya. When her daddy came home he asked her why she choose the Brown Baby and she said "Daddy nobody else wanted this one so I wanted to take the baby home".