Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break at the park

Over spring break I got up with my girlfriends from MDO and we took all of our kids to the park. I love how my babies are developing such sweet friendships. I know that God is going to richly bless my children with friendships. Here are some fun pictures of our crew!
Lindsey loving on Zeke
May I have a chip please!!! Marshall I will be your best friend!

Mrs. Elsy is Ike's teacher. She is an AMAZING teacher. She loves on Ike even when he is not in her classroom!

Ike, Lindsey, Marshall, and Zachary

Cademan, Ike, and Zachary playing Star Wars

Zeke just being cute!

Marshall, Ike, Claire, and Mrs. Joy

Zachary showing off on his bike

Go Zachary!

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