Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Beach Pictures

Zeke riding in the "boat"!

A messy face after eating the Frozen Chocolate Banana

Messy face after eating the chocolate covered marshmallows!

Ok, here is the story: After riding the Choo Choo we told the boys they could pick out a treat from the candy shop. I am thinking a small piece of candy. NOOOOOO, that would not be the case. We get the parent of the year award due to giving our kids chocolate covered marshmallows and a frozen chocolate covered banana. They loved it!!!! And to be honest so did we!! However, we did not realize that it was 9:45 pm. What were we thinking????!!!

Jukebox in the candy store

Choo Choo Train ride at Penical Pier is a must!!! Panama City has turned into such a family friendly place! My kids loved every minute!

Brian and I wanted to go somewhere fun to eat however, we did not want to take the kids to a restaurant where there was a long wait for obvious reasons. We happened upon 5 guys burger and fries. All I can say is YUMO!!!! Such a fun place!

Taking bubble on a vacation is a must!!! We loved using our new bubble shooters on the balcony! Great past time for me to be able to cook dinner!

We had the blessing of running into the Edin's family. The kids got to play together at the pool!

Zeke jumping waves!

Ike at the "kid pool" It is an amazing pool for kids. The boys had so much fun playing in the water! Brian and Ike love watching American Funniest Video's together. Ike remembered watching a show where the little boy was buried in the sand. Ike wanted his daddy to "bury me please" So, Brian did!!!

Zeke holding Daddy's hand in the ocean