Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spending Time at the Lake

For the past 2 weekends we have gone to the lake with my family. We love spending time on the boat and watching everybody ski, wake board, and tube. This past weekend my Gurney and Grandmother joined us and I failed to get a picture of the boys with them. I did not take many picture this past weekend due to Jo Jo being there. She is the sister that can take some amazing photos. Hopefully, she got some shots that I will post soon of the boys with their Grandmothers. Also, I want to post some pictures of our Cabin. There is a sweet story behind it and I want to make sure I get my facts correct. I will tell you that my Great Grandaddy and my Grandaddy help start the cabin. We have just added to it since then. We meaning my Grandaddy, Uncle and Dad. Now, I think the jobs have been passed down to the next generation. Which is really neat to see how much we all love being there. Rain or Shine it feels like time really stops. You know when the sun hits the tree line you have one more hour on the boat before docking for the night. It is a truly special place. Zeke's first ride in the boat
Daddy and Zeke

Christina wake boarding

Christel wake boarding

Christina and Ike tubing for the first time!

Getting ready to tube

Zeke "driving" the boat with Uncle Micah

Christel and Zeke

A little blurry picture. That is me wake boarding!!! I actually got up. The landing was not so good!

Brian was so sweet and pressure washed the pier!

Ok, GROSS!!! I just had to get a picture of his Lovely Legs!

Ike and Zeke sun screened and ready to go!

Ike and Christel Tubing

This was right before Uncle Micah did his back flip!!!!

Taking a nap on the boat

Uncle Brent driving us around all day!

Jo Jo in action

Ok, this was soooooooooooo much fun! Brian and I tubed together. Brent would circle around us to make very large waves. Let's just say we went flying across the lake!

Brent showed NO MERCY to Brian and Micah!

Aunt Christel wake boarding until the very last minute. Actually, we turned on the boat lights so she could wake board longer:-) Do you see the sun setting behind the trees? Almost time to dock the boat.

Very, Very sleepy boys after the lake! We only live 35 minutes from my family's lake house/cabin. However, the boys were asleep before we left the driveway!

Christel wake boarding

Look at that face! Can you tell he loves to "drive" the boat?!

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