Monday, June 22, 2009

True life still happens on your Birthday

Such a sweet Princess party!

Brian, Ike, and Zeke picked out all the decorations

Breakfast for me in bed!

My birthday was on 6/15 and I have to say I was truly looking forward to a night with my Brian. We were suppose to go out on the Friday before my B'day however, Zeke got sick one hour before my sisters Christel and Christina were to arrive. So we canceled and postponed until Monday. My sweet sister Ashley Jo volunteered to come watch the kids. Well, for some reason Zeke decided (for about 5 nights) that he was NOT going to sleep. We tried everything ---- you name it we tried it! The night before my B'day I was up until 4:00am. My sweet Brian wanted to bring me breakfast in bed. He woke up Ike at 6:45 to help him bring me breakfast. I could barely keep my eyes open. Bless his heart he had no idea that I had only been asleep for 2 hours. However, I took a couple of bites (very yummy) and he told Ike he could go watch T.V. After Brian left for work Ike accidentally woke me and Zeke up. Well, let's just say I grabbed the boys and said we are going to the YMCA! While I was dropping the boys off at the nursery somehow the nursery door caught my wedding ring. It bent the ring in half on my finger. OUCH! I just stood there looking at my finger. Thinking --- ummmmmm, what do I do??? I asked the nursery workers to watch the boys while I went to Southeastern Jewelry. Yes, unfortunately they had to cut my ring off. However, this is the funny part -- Brian was going to take me there for my birthday to get my wedding band fixed. It was never truly designed the way we liked it ---- I always said I will get it fixed one day. Well, I did not realize it was going to be fixed on my birthday. I called Brian on the way to Southeastern Jewelry and told him -- Come Home (insert a little drama here), I am done! By the time I got to the jewelry store, I was fine. I told Brian to not come home that I was WAY over reacting. After picking up the boys from the Y, Brian called me and said he was on his way home. I just love him! He told me that he needed to pick up Ike and he was going to need to run an "errand". My sweet Ike already told me that he was going to get me a princess cake --- you can not tell a 4 year old a secret! On the way to Edgars (my Favorite bakery) Ike gets car sick. As Brian pulls over to let him finish getting sick he stands Ike right in an ant bed!!!! BAREFOOT! My poor Ike, throwing up and standing in an Ant Bed!!! Ike is fine just a couple of bites on his feet. Brian calls me up and says " I am DONE with this day!!!!!!!" At this point, Brian and I both just started laughing! Brian finally got home and told me to stay in my room until he came and got me. By this time Aunt Jo Jo got to be part of my princess party. You have to love a man that picks out Disney Princess table cloth, napkins, cups, and Princess Crowns plus my favorite Strawberry Cake! My Princess party was such a sweet and wonderful surprise! The boys loved making me feel special! We left Aunt Jo Jo with two boys eating cake and we headed for Nabeels. We thought it would be a quiet evening. Not many people out at Nabeels on a Monday night. WRONG!!!! As we sit down in the dinning room maybe three other couples were there. We thought this is not bad UNTIL a very large group of international students come in take up all the tables!!! Did I mention they were all GIRLS!!! Brian and I could not hear a word we said!! We just laughed and laughed!!!! We thought we would go see the Proposal afterwards since Brian heard a great review on Rick and Bubba. Nope, that was a screening they saw --- Movie did not come out until the following weekend! Now we were really laughing!!!!I mean side splitting laughing!!!!! So, we did what we normally do-- go to Barn's and Nobel and look at books and magazines. I told Brian let's just make sure we do not go to the kids section and sit by the train table. Let's find some comfy chairs. After getting our selection of books and magazines we looked and looked for some chairs. Yes, you guessed it!!! The only chairs left were the ones by the Thomas the Train Table in the kids section!!!!!! Again, we just looked at each other and LAUGHED!!!!! I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father has given me an amazing man that I can laugh with. Thank you so much sweetie for giving me Princess Day!