Saturday, August 15, 2009

Zeke's Birthday at the lake

Saturday we went to the lake with our family. My Gurney,Grandmother, parents, Aunt Gina, Uncle Charlie, all the cousins, brothers, and sisters celebrated with us. Talk about a good time!!!! It never fails when we get together there will be lots of food and lots of laughter!
Zeke has discovered how much fun it is to "drive" the boat this summer. For his birthday cake I attempted to make a ski boat. He loved it! We had to sing twice to the little guy because he loved blowing out the candle or was it that he loved everyone singing to him? We had so much fun spending time together while playing on the water, watching the cousins play in the baby pool (Thanks Lacey), shooting water guns, playing with the new firetruck (thanks Lacey,Zach,Aunt Gina and Uncle Charlie), playing in the sprinkler (Thanks, Jo Jo and Brent) and I am going to have to post some pictures of the cutest shirt that my cousins monogrammed for Zeke (thanks Courtney and Lacey). Brian even discovered his new favorite game Corn Hole! My cousin Angie is an amazing photographer. She took some fun pictures of our day. She tried with her 4 subjects to get some shots. Even when having shoes thrown at her! Thanks, Angie for taking the time to capture this amazing day! We love you and your crew so much! We are so grateful that we ALL got to spend the day together! It was the perfect day! God truly blessed us again!
Charlie, Zeke, Sam, and Ike
Ike,Jo Jo, Aunt Pistol, Zeke, and Aunt Tina

Brian (Angie's Brian:-) Throwing Charlie!

Ike! Actually, he was not posing! Angie just looked up and captured the moment!


All done!!!!!

Sweet Charlie!

I love this one with Aunt Gina watching her Charlie throw rocks in the water!

I can slide down the Corn Hole Game ---Right???

What is in he hole?

River Rat Hair:-)

Beautiful Girls -- Lacey and Ashley

Christel and Micah --- Who we call Aunt Pistol and Hunka Micah -- Ike still has a hard time saying Uncle.

Ike telling Grandmother a secret

Zeke and Grandmother

Gurney and Zeke

Ike, Zeke, Gurney, and D-Momma

Gurney and all her Great Grandsons

Happy Birthday Zeke!

Relaxing after lunch! Being at the lake is hard work

Baby Sam and his Daddy Brian
This is our family name. My Great, Great Grandmother homesteaded this land. Her last name was Merrell.

Brodie and Sam

Our Cabin

This made me laugh so hard! Charlie was trying so hard to shoot water in his nose like Ike.

Right before the water hit his nose!

Yep, water in the nose!!! Why, I have no idea! Just a being a boy!

Zeke and Charlie

I love this picture of My Gurney! Isn't she beautiful!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zeke's Birthday at Alabama Adventure

Look who is the biggest kid on the roller coaster!!!

Note to self: Make sure you watch the ride before getting on! Had no idea that it was going to sling me across the track! Very glad I rode with Zeke! Brian just laughed and laughed! Look at Ike getting ready to hold on with all his might!

First time down the slide! They loved it!!!!!

Our little Zeke turned 2 on July 20th. We had a wonderful time on that day celebrating at Alabama Adventure. Ike and Zeke rode the water slides, played in the new kids section which was amazing, and Zeke even took a nap on Brian while Ike and I relaxed on the Lazy River. After going to the water park we went over to the Amusement Park. Let's just say the boys LOVED the Log Ride, Thunder River, Airplanes, Race cars, and much more. Ike even rode his first roller coaster!