Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zeke's Birthday at Alabama Adventure

Look who is the biggest kid on the roller coaster!!!

Note to self: Make sure you watch the ride before getting on! Had no idea that it was going to sling me across the track! Very glad I rode with Zeke! Brian just laughed and laughed! Look at Ike getting ready to hold on with all his might!

First time down the slide! They loved it!!!!!

Our little Zeke turned 2 on July 20th. We had a wonderful time on that day celebrating at Alabama Adventure. Ike and Zeke rode the water slides, played in the new kids section which was amazing, and Zeke even took a nap on Brian while Ike and I relaxed on the Lazy River. After going to the water park we went over to the Amusement Park. Let's just say the boys LOVED the Log Ride, Thunder River, Airplanes, Race cars, and much more. Ike even rode his first roller coaster!