Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun Times

I have realized that I am a horrible blogger! I do not keep up with this even when I take the time to read other blogs. I think, I'll wait until after vacation comes then I will have something to blog. Then vacation comes and goes, then I think well I'll wait until after Labor day and the first day of school. Well, that has come and gone as well. Then I think ummm, I'll wait until after Ike's first Alabama football game. Yep, you have guessed it that is over as well. So, to make this blog short I am going to post some pictures of our WONDERFUL vacation to Hilton Head with my family. We really did have the best vacation. God has truly blessed us with amazing parents, sisters, and brothers. When we got home from HH school started that Monday. Ike and Zeke are loving their class. I am loving being with all the teachers helping them develop their lesson plans and overseeing the curriculum. We were only home for 4 days then headed back out to North Carolina to visit Bee - Bee. While we were there we went to a Amish Festival. Loved watching the children. I still am amazed how simply they live. The boys got to go on a buggy ride while eating homemade ice cream. We also drove to VA to visit MeeMaw,Aunt Glenna, Uncle Jigs, and Tammy.
This past weekend Ike and Brian got a wonderful gift from a friend of ours. Tickets to the UA game!!! Roll Tide! We are truly blessed!! As a family we take ALOT of pictures. Click on the boxes below to see our Hilton Head pictures. The second box are pictures of our time spent with BeeBee. I hope you enjoy!

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