Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

Zeke was making a train for his Mickey Mouse

Jo Jo and Brent gave the boys Nerf guns. Guess who got shot:-)

Bee Bee was so sweet to give the boys this book. She recorded herself reading this story to the boys. She even included their names during the story. What a sweet treasure.

When asked what was your favorite present. Zeke said "My pooh toothbrush!"

Opening their stockings

Playing with their flashlights in their tents.

Stockings hung with care

Our Christmas presents to the boys. We love playing outside and thought this would be perfect for our two little guys. The boys were so surprised to find a tent in front of the Christmas tree. Yes, the dinning room table was pulled out and replaced with this tent. The boys had so much fun playing in it that we left it in the dinning room all week. This year we had so much fun with our family. My sister's and cousins take the best pictures so when they post them "hint, hint" I will include our family Christmas parties. But for now I wanted to share our Christmas morning.