Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweetest Moment happened on Jan. 24th

The other night we were putting the boys to bed. We were in Zeke's room saying bed time prayers. I asked Ike if he wanted to pray for anything specific. He said "Mom, I pray that Jesus would take out my heart so he could come in". Brian and I just looked at each other and smiled. I explained to him that Jesus does not "actually" take out you heart to make room to come in. We explained to Ike that it means that we believe in Jesus. I asked Ike " What did Jesus do for us?" Ike: "Mom, he died on the cross for my sins." Me: "What is sin buddy?" Ike: "Sin is when you do really bad stuff" Brain asked Ike if he knew that Jesus came to forgive him of his sins. He said "Yes, Daddy!" Brian lead Ike in a real sweet prayer asking Jesus to come into his heart. After the prayer Brian told Ike that he was a Christian. Ike exclaimed, "YESSSSSSS!! I am a Christian!"
Our prayer is that our Boys will continue to Love our Father each day. That they will continue to grow in Grace in the knowledge of our sweet Savior.