Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rivers Christine Comer

Look at her holding her Daddy's finger! Just a couple of hours old!

Aunt Jo Jo telling her that SHE is the best Aunt. Girlfriend has some competition!

Aunt Courtney loving on baby girl.

Getting her first bath after she was born.

Mom loving on her "baby girl"

Dr. Bethany McBrayer Campbell. Bethany grew up in Pinson with us. Her sister and I were great friends in High School. Bethany remembers that we could not leave until the "twins" waved by standing at the front door. Know she is delivering their babies! What a precious gift from the Lord. Having a Godly woman and friend delivering
your babies!

Right before Rivers was born. I just love these two!

This picture is just precious! Mom and Dad kissing Christina right before she delivered. She is going to put this picture right beside the one of them kissing her right before she walked down the aisle at her wedding.

A double blessing! This picture was taken just 24 hours before Christina delivered.

Ike kissing his baby cousin

The boys brought a cupcake and cards to the hospital. This is a picture of them singing Happy Birthday to Rivers.

I now know why my sisters are so in love with my boys. I LOVE being an Aunt. Rivers Christine Comer is finally here. My cousins have posted such sweet stories about Rivers ( and Here are some pictures of the sweetest baby girl! Christina, David and Rivers are doing wonderful! God is so Good!