Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Rain

I can not tell you how excited I am to be an Aunt. God is so Good! About two years ago Ike was asking for a baby sister. I told him to just pray and we will see how God answers his prayer. Wow! A year later he has two baby cousins only 10 weeks apart! My sister Christel did an amazing job. She was determined to go all NATURAL! She did an amazing job and I am so proud of her and Micah. Baby Rain was born on June 21st weighing 7.4 Here are some pictures of us celebrating at the hospital!

Christel, Rain, Christina, Rivers
Christel, Rain, Micah

Ike, Rain, Gurney, D-Momma, Zeke, Grandmother McCraven

Ike kissing Rain

This is my favorite picture. Look at Aunt Courtney trying to make River's smile. This is what makes me smile. Look at Brian in the background kissing Rain.

Ike and Zeke singing Happy Birthday to baby Rain. They brought Uncle Micah a large piece of Chocolate Cake!

Isn't she beautiful!

My sweet friend Charlotte Ann Adams (owner of An Art Affair) painted the background. I added the lettering after Rain was born.

Look at that hair and those cute lips!!!

Aunt Gina holding Rain. I love how she is smiling at her.

Yea!!! I finally got to grab this sweet baby girl! Jesus we pray that there will not be a time that she does not know and love you. Thank you Lord for such a sweet blessing!

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